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Girls All Star Gymnastics

Girls All- Star Gymnastics 

The Girls All-Star program is based on the developmental curriculum of the USA Gymnastics program and starts at the Kindergarten level from the beginner to the advanced, we have it all!  We start with the basics in order to lay a good, solid foundation to build upon.  We teach more than just gymnastics skills; we teach skills that will last a lifetime.
We feel the best way for a child to reach his/her potential in sports and life overall, is to be nurtured and supervised.  This is where we come in!  Our trained instructors provide challenges that are “just right” for each child.  This makes your kids excited about being her-they enjoy the success that comes from participation.
We strive to build self-confidence during your child’s young stages of development by participating in sports.  Your kids are encouraged by the success of mastering a skill.  It is proven that children who are more physically challenged develop the “ I can do it” attitude.  Not only can they do it, they have FUN doing it!


Crickets 5-6 years
This class is reserved for those in Kindergarten only.  This class builds on basic knowledge gained from our preschool program.  Students will be introduced to more skill progressions and the larger equipment, preparing each child, physically and emotionally for our recreational classes.
Beginner Grades 1 and up
This class is for beginners.  We introduce right and left cartwheels, handstands, forward and backward rolls, bridging, vault approach and take-off.  On beam they work on different mounts, dismounts, walks, jumps and turns.  On bars students gain upper body and stomach strength needed for mastering the pullover.
Intermediate Grades 1 and up
This class is for students with gymnastics experience that can nearly kick over on the floor, pullover on the bar and have good balance and confidence on the beam.  Students in the intermediate level will focus on straight legs, correct body position, round offs, back handspring drills, correct vaulting approach and technique.  This class will also include strength and flexibility drills.
Advanced Grades 1 and up
Students in the advanced class will continue to work on proper technique and body shaping.  They will build skills such as round off back handspring, back handspring, and back hip circle and high bar skills, handspring vaults, and handstands and cartwheels on the balance beam.



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